ScreenOn! V1.0

Have you ever wished that Ableton Live prevents your screen from turning off or your computer from going to a sleep mode? Wish no more! The AtoVproject ScreenOn! does exactly that!ScreenOn.png

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AtoVproject Technocity V1.1.1


Time for a new minor update of the Technocity! This time just a few little things have been changed:

  • The import/export of individual pattern has been implemented.
  • Mapping of Random and Reset buttons has been allowed.
  • CPU load improvements have been made!


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Technocity V1.1

Hello Everyone!

technocity snip v1.1

After a few months of sharing and more than a thousand downloads it is time to take Technocity to the next level!

I am very please to introduce the Version 1.1 of the Technocity sequencer!

Lots of new functionalities have been implemented including Pattern memory, Program Change recall, Random generation of patterns, Dynamic Random variations with probability controls, a new note input system and new midi in option. Everything has been embedded in a whole new and shiny sub-menu (click on more for detailed description of the new functions)

And of course all the functionalities present in the previous version are still available

As a reminder the Technocity is a 8 stage sequencer inspired by the intellijel Metropolis and the RYK M-185. Each of the 8 stages is set to one note and can last up to 8 steps. Each stage has 4 play modes (repeat, one note, one note sustained or silent), each step can also be accented or played portamento (slide) from the previous stage. You also have control over the Clock with unconventional timing available (quituplet, seventuplets), swing, gate length, velocities etc…

It it worth noting that all parameters are compatible with the previous version so you will still be able to open your old projects if you switch to the new version.

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Technocity: Upcoming Update!

Hello everyone!

I am very glad to announce that we’ve got more than 850 downloads after 3 weeks of sharing the AtoVproject Technocity sequencer!

Thank you very much to all of you! And a special big thanks to the ones who donated and all the people who subscribed to the website and the Facebook page.

I am very happy to announce that the next version of the Technocity Sequencer is on the way!

Lots of new functionalities will be implemented: a brand new memory system, three new midi modes, a new note input system and randomization functions are in development!

All of that is planned to be released the second week of July, so stay tuned!

As a reminder here is a link to the original release of the AtoVproject Technocity sequencer

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Technocity sequencer

Introducing the AtoV Project Technocity MaxForLive stage sequencer.

technocity snip

The Technocity Stage Sequencer is based on the awesome idea introduced with the RYK M-185 sequencer for the Roland System 100m which has then been produced under license by Intellijel for the Eurorack system in the form of their brilliant Metropolis.

EDIT : An Update is on the way! Follow this link for more info!

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