ScreenOn! V1.0

Have you ever wished that Ableton Live prevents your screen from turning off or your computer from going to a sleep mode? Wish no more! The AtoVproject ScreenOn! does exactly that!ScreenOn.png

This device has 2 modes. You have the option to either always prevent your computer from going to sleep by selecting AlwaysOn; or to have it active only when Ableton Live is playing by selecting OnlyWhenPlaying.

Here is a little track I made while the device was on. Because why not.



Also, feel free to contact me! I want my devices to be as good as possible, so really don’t hesitate contacting me if you find any bug or if you have any suggestions for additional features!

If you find this device helpful and enjoy using it consider making a little donation to keep the updates and new devices coming. This would be greatly appreciated!

Please follow me on Facebook to receive notifications for all the updates

Download Link

AtoVproject ScreenOn! Usermanual-v1.0

Requirement: This device requires Java SE Runtime Environment 8 to function! In case you encounter any issues, please make sure you have downloaded and installed the right version of Java SE Runtime Environment 8.

You can download the right version for your computer by following this link!

(Windows users should use the offline version)

Special thanks to all contributors and beta testers


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