AtoVproject Technocity V1.1.2


Hello everyone!

Once again the Technocity sequencer gets updated!

In this version a few little improvements have been made, the biggest of which is a complete and comprehensive Push mapping!

In addition, you can now select the range in which notes will be generated when you randomly generate a new pattern. You can also keep the programmed notes and get random rhythmical patterns by setting the dial to 0.

I also added a little indication showing whether a memory slot is already in use or not.

The note input system has been modified so now it work in a more expected way.

Also a template for Lemur on iPad has been made by Jay Cheng  and can be downloaded following this link. He also made a Effects Rack centered around the Technocity.

Concerning the bugs, the sequencer now always starts on the right step when the offset is negative. The import of pattern is now more reliable. The interface has been slightly modified so that the parameters remain visible even with custom Ableton Live skins.

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Download Link

AtoVproject-User Manual V1.1.2

Also, feel free to contact me! I want my devices to be as good as possible so really don’t hesitate contacting me if you find any bug or if you have any suggestions for additional features!

Please if you use enjoy this device and use it regularly consider making a little donation to keep the updates and new devices coming. This would be greatly appreciated!

Special thanks to all contributors and beta testers


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